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Northern Lights Safari / Northern Lights Tour

Vesterålen is located geographically just below the northern lights oval, which makes the region one of the world's best destinations for seeing the northern lights. From 2022 and onwards, aurora activity will be high due to the solar cycle reaching its peak soon.



Season from 30. August to 10. April


In Vesterålen, we can see the northern lights from mid-August to mid-April as long as it is dark enough and there is activity on the sun. Even though it's a full moon, we can still see the northern lights, except from when it's very weak.

The moonlight is good for photographing the northern lights and you generally don't need a headlamp to see where you are going.


With a local guide from Vesterålen Tours, you have a considerably greater chance of finding the northern lights, as our guides have been chasing the lights for many years. They know the local weather and the best places to see the northern lights.


On a cloudy day the guides know places with chances for clear weather. We have good tools that give us an indication of when the northern lights will arrive on the day in question. You can relax, enjoy the trip and let us find the Northern Lights for you! You can get a private tour which means that you/your group/family get the guide(s) to yourself.


Don't be fooled by the weather forecast when you go out on a trip with us, we give you the opportunity to cancel if we see that there is no hope of finding the lights. As a rule, the weather forecast is only a "worst case" indication, so there are good opportunities for clear weather in some local places.


We almost always find breaks in the clouds when we are out chasing in cloudy weather. If you have questions or are unsure about the weather, contact us and you will get an answer.


Some days we have to follow a clearing in the clouds for hours and other times we have it so clear that we can choose from the prime spots to watch the northern lights.


On the longest trips, we may drive quite far to find the best place with clear weather, for example if we see from the weather forecast that inland is better on the relevant evening and night, then we can drive a little to have better chances, we may also decide to take the trip in the mountains across the border to Sweden, so remember your passport.


On a trip with us, you get one or two guides who have extensive experience of hunting the northern lights. They are also experts in reading the weather/clouds. We follow weather forecasts and weather maps several days in advance.


The guides are also equipped with cameras that can take pictures and videos of you under the northern lights, which we will send to you after the tour.


Normally we start the trips in Sortland, at a hotel, AirBnB or agreed meeting place.

We can pick up from other places in Vesterålen such as Bø in Vesterålen, Andenes, Myre in Øksnes and Stokmarknes / Melbu in Hadsel. Please note that prices can change with regard to the number of people / hours / starting place, but we will inform you of this when contacting us.



Warm shoes and clothes that can withstand wind and snow. A headlamp can be good to have, but we have headlamps from Ledlenser Norway to lend for free.


Tripod, control, memory card, battery and camera. If you struggle with the settings, we will help you as all our guides are photographers.

It may be a good idea to bring a passport if we drive longer trips, but as a rule we will inform you if we have to go that far.



Northern Lights Tour: 1750,- NOK each person (Minimum 2 person)

Childern: 1000,-

(Duration 3 to 5 hours)

Private Northern Lights Tour: 10500,- NOK in total. (Max 7 person)

(Duration 4 to 8 hours)

*Price on private tour can change if the groupe is bigger than 7 people - contact us.

Bring passport on this private tour since we might take the tour to Sweden depening on weather.

*NEW - You can now join a non-private tour from Scandic Sortland, True Vesterålen Hotel & Thon Partner Hotel Sortland. These tours will be for small groups 1-7 persons and can only be booked when staying at these hotels. Prices are 1350,- pr person for this trip and will last for 3 to 5 hours depening on how much searching we have to do. You can read more about these tours here!

You are able to taste Moose sausages snacks on this tour for free - and buy packs if you want to bring some home with you. 



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