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Bird photographing tours

Our private one on one bird photography tours give you as a photographer the best chance to get the best possible pictures of the bird speices in Vesterålen. We know the best spots to find all from small birds to eagles.

What we can offer and wich time of year is listed below.

Small birds


Photographing small birds from a spot for feeding birds is something we offer all year. But autumn winter and spring is recommended.

Willow tit, blue tit, great tit, bullfinch, greenfinch, redpoll and sparrows is daily visitors.

Contact us on mail for more info and prices.

Ducks, herons, swans and loons


In spring and summer we offer photography tours aiming for ducks and loons. Tufted ducks, pintails, shoveler, red breasted merganser, common shelduck, arctic loons, arctic terns, swans, grey heron, mallards and other ducks is present at the spots we visit. We often see owls, eagles, waders and some mammals on this tours as well.

Contact us on mail for more info and prices.



Our owl tours run in spring and summer. We got three spieces of owl we track each year. Short eared owl, long eared owl and northern hawk owls. We see boreal owls from time to time. But their small size and and choice of living place makes them harder to find. These tours are mostly at night under the midnight sun. Late may is recommended.

Contact us on mail for more info and prices.



Vesterålen got multiple spots for photographing waders. Most of em are easy to access. Depending on species we photograph from the car or from a blind.

Contact us on mail for more info and prices.

Black grouse lek and other tours


We can arrange photography of a lot of species of birds.

The black grouse lek in april and june from a blind is one of our favourites.

Ruff lek in may/june.

We are building a photohide for a golden eagle pair we got on a baitingsite for foxes. Because of the awerness of the golden eagles we are still careful to have to much traffic around the hide. But can be done.

Goose hawks from a blind april until start of june.

Other raptors like merlins, buzzards and falcons are possible, but a lot of luck and patients are needed to succeed. And the places they perch is a pretty long hike from roads.

Parasitic jaegers are nesting on the islands making up Vesterålen and are keeping to one area in summer.

Contact us on mail for more info, prices and tell us wich species you are looking for.

You could also book our Photohide - there is alot of birds there.

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