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We offer private guided tours in Lofoten for 1-7 pers. 

Tours we offers:

Northern Lights Tour Lofoten

Moose Safari in Lofoten - Can be done under the northern lights / at night.

Wildlife Tour Lofoten - Under midnightsun during the summer

VIP Phototour Lofoten - Get your Lofoten photos

(We will visit places like: Henningsvær, Haukland Beach, Nusfjord, Skagsanden Beach, Ramberg Beach, Hamnøy, Sakrisøy, Reine and Å in Lofoten)

You can also customize the tour as you would like.


From NOK 12.500,-


We accept card and cash.

Note: Bring right amount of cash.


Driving in Lofoten and northern Norway could be hard during winter if you don't have any experience driving on snow & ice, by doing a tour with us you get to enjoy the tour of Lofoten instead of getting stressed by driving yourself. Our car is equiped with winter tiers/spikes, 4x4 and experienced drivers for the winter season.

These tour can also start from Vesterålen if you want to experience Lofoten while staying in Vesterålen islands.

The guide will allways bring a camera to take pictures and video of what we see on our tours.

You will get it all sent on a dropbox link after the tour for free.

All our guides are photographers so we can also help you out with settings if needed.

We also got extra tripods, but ask about it before the tour start.

We are open to start the tour from other places in Lofoten, along the Lofast (E10) or pick you up at your hotel/Airbnb in Svolvær.

If you want to go from Vesterålen the drive between Svolvær and Sortland is about 1h and 40min.

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