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Wildlifesafari In The Midnightsun

Summer north of the Arctic Circle means midnight sun and 24 hours with daylight. The animals and birds in the north are more active and easier to find.


There is something magical about experiencing wildlife in the summer. The eagle scouting the ocean from rocks at the coastline, the owls keeping an overview from the treetops or scan the landscape for food. Otters and seals sunbathing on the rocks. It just has to be experienced!


On these trips we try to find as many animal species as possible, stopping for some sun and landscape photos if desired. We can also look for specific species if you wish.


Most of our tours are private, which means that you/your group/family get the guide(s) for yourselves, which means that we can focus on exactly what you want to see and do. We will help you with camera settings if you need it, all our guides are photographers and will bring their own cameras. You will be sent the photos the guide takes after the trip.


These tours suit everyone. We try to sneak close if desired, whether you want to sit and enjoy the animals from the car or go out for a closer look is up to you.


From 19th May to 24th July, we run the tours in the evening, night and early morning. We can of course run the tours during the day as well, but the chance of animals is considerably lower.


Some dates worth mentioning:

Black grouse lek: 20th april until 5th may (early morning)

Hares fighting: April og may

Fox cubs, owlets, moose calfs and baby hares: June og july (changes each year)

Ruffs fighting: 25th may until 15th june (early morning)

You can see animals all year: Sea eagles, grouse, moose, roe deer, fox, seal, otter, mink, black grouse, owls and golden eagles are some of them.

You are able to taste Moose, Reindeer or "Aurora Borealis - Taste of wild Norway" sausages snacks on this tour for free - and buy packs if you want to bring some home with you. 

Prices pr person in NOK (min 2 pers):

3 hours – 1500 NOK

4 hours – 1750 NOK

5 hours – 2100 NOK

6 hours – 2500 NOK

8 hours – 3250 NOK




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