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Hidden gems of Vesterålen

On these landscape tours you can experience the hidden gems of Vesterålen or some of the more famous views Vesterålen has to offer. 

We are offering two "hidden gem" tours and two landscape tours. The difference between the tours is that the two hidden gems are locations that few visitors know about. The other two are more well-known locations. Our guide, who is also a photographer, will take pictures for you, and you will also have the opportunity to be taken pictures of in fantastic landscape. The pictures are included in the price.

For booking or more info:


Hidden "gem" medium: 1750,- p.p / 4 hours 

Hidden "gem" large: 2500,- p.p / 6 hours


Landscape medium: 1750,- p.p / 4 hours

Ladscape large: 3250,- p.p / 8 hours

MIN 2 / MAX 7

Contact us for bigger groups. 

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