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Arctic photo hide in Vesterålen & Lofoten

Brand new photo hide located on the border between Vesterålen & Lofoten with access to a rich wildlife. Over many years this area has been used for wildlife photographing.

Need to know:

There is space for 3 photographers with one camera each. There is one bed in the hide. There is possible to heat the hide with a furnace. The time and hours spent in the hide changes from season to season.

There is a 15-20 min medium walk to the hide each way. 

What do you need to bring?

- Camera / memory card

- Ballhead for your camera

- Sleepingbag + pillow

- Food & drink

Wildlife you may see in this hide:

- Golden eagle

- White-tailed eagle

- Moose

- Foxes

- Black Grouse lek

- Willow Ptarmigan

- Eurasian Jay

- Otter

- Stoat

- Owls

- Falcons

- Buzzards

- Mountain Hare

- Mink

- Common birds

And much more..

But keep in mind that this is wild animals so there is no warranty that you will see any.


1-3 persons:

For booking and prices contact us at email:

(Check spamfolder for answer)

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