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eagle and Moose safari

This tour goes along a route known for both moose and sea eagles.

The route is set up to give you the best chances to see the biggest land animal in Vesterålen and the biggest bird of prey. Moose is Vesterålens biggest land animal and the sea eagle is the eagle with the largest wingspan in Norway and our biggest bird of prey.

This is a route set up for 6 hours. If we use less time we will reduce the price accordingly.


*These tours are by car and we will only be walking in some cases if you want to. These tours are suitable for anyone. No hiking needed.

*These tours are private, that means you/your group/family will be alone with the guide/guides

*The guide will take pictures and send them to you after the tour is done.

*There are chances to see other animals and beautiful landscapes on these tours as well, just let us know when to stop and watch or take extra pictures.

Start-up times will change the whole year, please contact us for more info.

Prices (min 2 pers/Max 7):

6 Hours: 2500 NOK each person


We accept card and cash.

Note: Bring right amount of cash.



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For bigger groups, contact us!

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