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Sortland, Norway



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Vesterålen Tours is based in Sortland.

We got airports close by;

Skagen airport (Stokmarknes, Hadsel) 20 min drive from Sortland. Andenes airport (Andenes, Andøy) 1 hour and 20 min drive from Sortland.

Harstad/Narvik airport Evenes is 1 hour and 45 min drive away from Sortland.

Svolvær airport Helle is 1 hour and 30 min away.

Plane to Tromsø, boat to Harstad and bus or rental car to Sortland is 

another possible travelroute.

We are also based in the middle of Tromsø - Bodø route and a perfect location to stop by on that drive. 

Route: Tromsø - Senja - Ferry to Andenes/Andøya (Vesterålen) - Sortland (We are located here) - Lofoten - Ferry to Bodø.


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