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Seal, Otter & Eagle Safari

This is a brand new tour we are offering where the main goals is to see Harbor Seal, Eurasian Otter and White-tailed/Sea Eagle along a planned route. This tour are by car and some walking may be needed if you want to get closer for a better view.

It's possible to see other animals along this route aswell.

Duration is set between 3 and 6 hours, and from 2 to 7 people.

Prices pr person:

3 Hours - 1500 NOK

4 Hours - 1750 NOK

5 Hours - 2100 NOK

6 Hours - 2500 NOK

These tours can be cancel on short notice due to bad weather.

Photos/videos taken by the guide is incl in the price. We can also film with a drone wtih zoom lens on, this will not distrub the animals. Due to weather and local rules we might not be able to fly the drone at all locations.

We have a few binoculars that can be borrowed for free during the tour

Contanct us on email for booking:

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