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Autumn Season 2023 is here!

The big event in autumn is the moose rut. We see a lot of moose on our tours in Vesterålen at the time. Good chances for big bulls and if we're lucky we find some challenging each other. And of course there are good chances for other animals as well, let us know what you want to see!

From 1. september we are starting up the Northern Lights tours again in Vesterålen. We can start the tour from where you’re staying if you are in Sortland, or other places but the price might change depending on where you want to go from. If you contact us, we will recommend the best time, length and place to start from for most close-up encounters. But some of the best places is only available on the 3, 4 or 6 hours tours during the rut. We highly recommend the 4 hour tour.

You can read more about the Moose safari here.

On all our tours you will receive photos from the tour that the guide takes, and videos on the Northern Lights tours, check out more about the Northern Lights tours here.

Northern Lights tours in Vesterålen

Aurora borealis dancing over the amazing landscape is the perfect way to experience Vesterålen.

We offer tailormade private guided tours (1-7 persons, for bigger groups - contact us). We know the best spots for watching and photographing the aurora borealis and got the local knowledge of the weather.

Price depends on length of trip. 


Contact us on email, or chat for more info.

Wildlife photosafari

in Vesterålen

Northern Lights | Wildlife | Norway | Vesterålen Tours | Private guide

Vesterålen got plenty of wildlife to see the whole year! Moose, eagle, fox, reindeer, otters and owls to name some of them! Contact us  if there is anything special you want to see. Tailormade tours so price depends on length of trip. 

Photos under the Northern lights

Northern Lights | Wildlife | Norway | Vesterålen Tours | Private guide

Get exclusive photo and video of yourself under the northern light when your on our tours.

Photographers - One to one photoguiding


If you want pictures or video of a particular animal contact us on and we'll try to make it happen. We got photohides for rent, that we'll put up in a good spot for that particular animal if thats the best way to get photographs. Some walking is requiered to get in position for some of the species.


If you want an easy way to get to best spots for landscapepictures in Vesterålen and Lofoten, we can set up a tour with one of our photographers, visiting the hotspots for photographing landscape. Can be combined with northern lights, wildlife or midnight sun.

A golden eagle filmed from a photohide on one of our best locations in Vesterålen.

Check out more of our videoes in the player below.